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PowerPoint is in fact a great tool required to make business presentations. The slideshow presentation tool was created by Microsoft and the official launch took place on May 22, 1990. PowerPoint help is an added feature you will find in the PowerPoint suite used to rectify technical faults in the program. The facets given below will tell you more about PowerPoint and PowerPoint help.

Advantages of using PowerPoint

You can see that PowerPoint presentations have many separate slides or pages. The slide is an integral factor in which you add all the important details that you want to show during the presentation. A slide usually contains texts, movies, graphics and sound. You can use PowerPoint help to make preferred changes to your slide. A basic PowerPoint presentation will have two main types of movements; they are as given below.

Custom animations

You can create custom animations by entering, arranging and making suitable alterations to the elements that you add to your PowerPoint presentations. In addition to that, you can also use custom animations for making mini storyboards by creating customized and animated pictures.


Transitions are completely different from custom animations. This is because transitions are the movements that happen mainly between the slides. The best part is that you can animate them in various ways as per your needs and requirements.

One of the major advantages of using PowerPoint presentations is that you can convey the idea or market a product in the best possible way. You can bring out the message to the audience through various effective ways.

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Advantages of using PowerPoint

Nowadays numerous software are available that help you to customize your PowerPoint presentations. The easy to follow instructions will help you to perform the presentation in a professional way. Microsoft has introduced many versions of PowerPoint. It is highly recommended that you get the latest version. This is because the modern version of PowerPoint program will have all the latest features and you can make your presentations more effective and interesting.

PowerPoint animations are becoming very popular these days. These animations are used extensively to create games and movies. The basic artwork for the software is created with auto shape features and you can arrange them using the custom animation feature.

Microsoft has also introduced another special feature known as Animation Trigger for PowerPoint presentations. This feature will let you apply special effects to a preferred slide with the help of automated or manual commands. You can see that this feature is mainly used for PowerPoint Games.

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