How to Fix the Problems with Microsoft Presenter

how to fix the problems with Microsoft Presenter

Microsoft Presenter 3000 is a special remote control type of mouse specially made for paper presentations. You can find it useful when explaining PowerPoint presentations. This mouse can be configured to act as a projector for presentations. It has a number of buttons with the help of which it can be configured into a projector. By turning over the mouse, the laser pointer can be used as a medium for taking on screen presentations and slide shows. You can use the presentations using PowerPoint in the Microsoft Presenter.

Similar to the other hardware components, this mouse also show some issues while installing or after using it for a few months. However, Microsoft has provided some methods for PowerPoint troubleshooting and troubleshooting the mouse. By following these methods, you can fix the minor issues with your mouse.


  • The mouse will effectively work only if it has good signal strength. To ensure the signal strength, keep the metallic devices like cell phones and other things away from the mouse at a minimum distance of about 4 feet.

    troubleshoot Microsoft Presenter

  • Another common issue with the mouse is the battery backup. Comparing to the wired devices, wireless mouse consumes more power and it usually has issues with battery. Most of the other issues with the mouse are the result of this battery power issue. So, change the batteries when it shows problems.
  • Make sure that the USB system file is located in the System folder. For that, open you’re My Computer and navigate to Drivers directory by clicking Windows then System32 and then Drivers directory. Search a file named Hidusb.sys in the Drivers directory. If you cannot find that file there, you need to restore it from your Windows installation CD and try to use the mouse again.
  • If you still find trouble with your mouse, go to the website of Microsoft and download the latest driver for your mouse. Then install the driver to fix the problems with your mouse.
  • Sometimes you will find that the mouse pointer is too fast. For fixing it, click Start menu and choose Run. Type control main.cpl and click OK. Then a new window will open and there you can find the options to slow down the mouse speed.

Follow these instructions for troubleshooting Microsoft Presenter 3000 and PowerPoint troubleshooting.

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