Troubleshooting Typing Delay In PowerPoint 2007

PowerPoint troubleshooting

Issues In PowerPoint 2007

Microsoft PowerPoint program designed for facilitating presentations by slideshow provides state of the art features. It makes your presentation look professional while providing numerous entertainment aspects. Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 allows you to incorporate graphics, animations and multimedia in presentations, apart from texts. PowerPoint 2007 has an array of features that would help make your presentation lively. By customizing your presentation, you can provide infotainment for audience of all ages.

While implementing the utility software, they might interfere with the PowerPoint environment, and cause blatant delay in inputting texts. However, you can implement PowerPoint troubleshooting under such circumstances.

Steps in troubleshooting PowerPoint

  • As a first step, you need to update the drivers relating to the graphics hardware. More often than not, the delay is due to the compatibility issues with the program, the software supporting graphics, and the operating system. The delay becomes apparent when you see that the time gap widens between the input and its appearance. Follow the graphics hardware manufacturer’s instructions for downloading the latest drivers. Or else you can contact the manufacturer to get the updates done successfully.
  • Make sure that you have updated the printer drivers installed in the operating system. When PowerPoint 2007 interferes with the printer drivers installed in the operating system, you are sure to face delay. You need to get in touch with the manufacturer of the printer for updating the printer divers. Make sure that it is installed as per the instructions laid out by the manufacturer.

    Presentations by slideshow

    PowerPoint 2007 Input Latency

  • Also, check the interactions with the PowerPoint 2007and the antivirus support installed on your computer. When you install an application-oriented module in the Microsoft Office Suite, it is likely that in case of virus detection, these antivirus programs interfere with the PowerPoint 2007 application. It is possible for you to disable the antivirus support temporarily to check if this is the reason for delays in PowerPoint 2007 program. In addition to this, make sure that you have updated the antivirus from the manufacturer.
  • You need to verify the presentation for object linking and embedding images. It is common that the images and graphics incorporated in the PowerPoint software links to the original application, and this induces lags in the PowerPoint 2007. To avoid this conflict, you can add images through the Ribbon menu by selecting the Insert tab.

You can implement PowerPoint troubleshooting by adopting the above steps. If the problems persist, you can get the aid from professional technical support to restore the functions.

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