Syncing Mac Outlook: A Workaround

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Mac Outlook syn error

Compatibility issues between Mac OS X Mavericks and other email applications will continue to occur, whether it is Apple Mail’s IMAP syncing or Microsoft Outlook. Thankfully, numerous websites have found workarounds that solve these problems with Outlook.

November proved to be bad month for Mac mail reliability. First issue reported was questionable support of Maverick and, which Apple was quick to find a fix. Unfortunately, this fix did not solve the complete issue and problems with sending emails on Macs continued. Mac users still await for a permanent fix to the issue.

ZDNet readers reported missing commas in CC and BCC fields, which results in multiple addresses not receiving the email. Numerous other users reported very slow performance when opening particular attachments, for which a solution is yet to be found.

Editor John Rizzo from MacWindows blog post noticed the synchronization problems with Microsoft Outlook on Mavericks and even discovered a workaround by using Microsoft Exchange Online. Another solution for the same issue is by using Virtualization choices, though he warns that this solution is not for everyone.

This alternative workaround is possible using Windows Virtual machine, which is detailed as follows,

Run Outlook for Windows on you Mac system using Windows Virtual machine like Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or Oracle VirtualBox. This option would work since Apple still offers sync services for Windows, including Windows 8, even when it has stopped the sync services for OS X. Syncing directly from iOS-to-Windows is included in the current version of iTunes for Windows. Thus, any problems with Outlook sync can be rectified.


Outlook error for Mac

Admittedly, this is a rather expensive solution to a silly problem. Installing Windows in a virtualization will tax the resources of the Mac system leading to slower performance, but will be a simple solution if you are already running one. Until somebody comes up with an easier solution, this is the best workaround we have.

John Rizzo also speculated that Microsoft would add CalDAV and CardDAV support to Outlook for Mac soon, which seems like quite a stretch considering that these protocols are open standards that first appeared in Macs in 2005 with OS X 10.5 Leopard. Since these protocols are native to Apple, it is highly doubted whether we will see Redmond adopting CalDAV and CardDAV standards.

Until this issue is sorted out by the Microsoft or Apple community, we can only rely on workarounds to solve this issue.

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