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Working on a slow and sluggish computer can definitely frustrate anyone. Schedules, targets and projects would be waiting to be completed and if your computer is simply blinking before each step, that may affect your work. You might sometimes wonder about how this electronic device turns quite sluggish.

Various reasons contribute towards slow computer problems. One of the major factors is how old your computer is. Depending upon the age of a computer, it can turn slow and that is quite natural. Your slow computer would be installed with applications that could perform well on a modern UI. Since your old platform is not designed to support new software programs, it would take more time to load each one of them. The best option in such a scenario is to think about an upgrade.

You can always choose an upgraded platform that will help your system to function better. Moreover, this would help avoid the risks of virus or spyware activity, which is normally suffered by old platforms. Another major reason for a slow computer is fragmented hard drive. You might have corrupted registry due to the installation of numerous software programs. Several programs that were not installed successfully in your computer might leave corrupted files in the Windows registry, thereby causing the problem. You can use registry cleaner tools to get such unwanted files cleared.

Windows Registry

Solution For Slow Computer Issues

The third factor is the actual dirt and dust that is normally found in a computer. You can open the CPU and clear the dusts that have clogged up. The computer drives where files would be shattered can be rearranged by choosing the disk space clean up option. Performing drive defragmentation is another good idea to solve slow computer problems. Disk clean up will clean the unwanted programs and files that are installed in the computer.

The final solution to enhance your computer speed is to think about a complete reformat. Your computer will be reset to its factory settings. Before you do such a step, it is advisable to keep a back up of all your required files and information. This is going to be the most time consuming task when compared to the solutions given above.

Virus or spyware activity can turn your computer sluggish. Installing virus or spyware removal tool can be considered as the best way to deal with viruses and spyware. The different steps given above will help you to fix problems associated with a sluggish computer.

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