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Saving A PowerPoint File As PDF

Convert PDF To PowerPoint

Creating PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software tool, which comes as a part of the Office Suite from Microsoft. It gives you a wide range of options to use in creating visual presentations that convey the relevant data. People often convert PDF to PowerPoint presentations so they can have the information ready quickly. But, if you have presentations of large file size, you could still convert these to PDF too. There is also the benefit of being able to shrink the information enough to mail it easily.

When you convert PDF to PowerPoint you’re allowing changes to be made to the presentation file. PDF files are more consistent, which is another major advantage of saving your presentation in the PDF format. There’s now an add-in from Microsoft, which lets you do this easily. It works with MS Office, and logically also with PowerPoint presentations.

How to convert

  • Launch the Microsoft PowerPoint program.
  • See that you have the correct add-in, and then, hit the Office button at the top-left. For Office 2007 and higher versions, this is what’s there instead of the File button.
  • From the menu, choose Save as, and then select PDF or XPS. If you can’t find the latter option, choose the Find add-ins for other file formats option.
  • Navigate to the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS link. Select the language you want it in, and hit the Download button. This will download the add-in, and then you open the executable file and install. It should not take long, since the file is of relatively small size, and so is the add-in it installs.

    MS Office

    Saving PowerPoint Presentations

  • Go back to PowerPoint and make a new presentation document. Get it to a point that you want to save it in, because changes can’t be made to the PDF file, once it’s created. You could, of course, repeatedly save it as PDF. The next step is how.
  • Hit the Office button at the top-left corner again, and just like you did before getting the add-on, choose Save as, and then select PDF or XPS. You’ll be prompted to save the file, so give it a preferred name for that. After saving it, hit the Publish button. Your PowerPoint presentation has now been saved as a PDF file.

This was on how to save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file so as to get a smaller, more easily mailable file. Call us, if you want help with this procedure.

Steps To Convert PDF File To PowerPoint File

Convert PDF To PowerPoint

Features Of PDF Reader

You might have all received many email attachments from different firms about various documents. For instance, many banks now send statements to the customers through email. Now, when you download these attachments, you will find that these attachments will have an extension .pdf. This means the file is created in PDF format and could be opened only with Adobe Reader.

PDF files are widely used around the world to send various documents. The advantage of using a PDF file is that it offers cross platform support and therefore, works with most of the operating systems and devices. You can create a PDF document with photos and texts without many troubles. Now, even though PDF files have many advantages, they have a few disadvantages too. One of the most annoying disadvantages of a PDF file is that you cannot edit PDF files easily. The Adobe Reader is not designed to edit PDF files. So, what will you do if you wish to edit a PDF file? Here is the solution. You may convert PDF to PowerPoint so that you could edit the files with the program. In this post, we will find out how to convert the PDF file to a Microsoft PowerPoint file.

Steps Involved

Even though there are a few tools to convert the PDF file to PowerPoint, you may use the help of some online websites so that you do not have to download any tools or install it in the computer.

  • Launch your internet browser and go to the PDF to PowerPoint site.
  • Select the button Browse found in the website. Go to the location of the PDF file in the computer and click it. Select the option Choose.
  • As the second step, type in your email address next to the option Step 2 Email PDF. Select the option Send.

    Adobe Reader

    Convert PDF Files

  • When the website finishes converting the file, you will receive the email citing that the process is over. Keep in mind that the conversion process depends on the size of the PDF file you have uploaded.
  • Select the link at the bottom of the email and this will take you to the web page for downloading the converted file. Select the option Click below to download your converted file. This will download the file, which is converted as PowerPoint file.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to convert PDF to PowerPoint. For further assistance, you may contact our technical support team.

How To View Publisher Documents In PowerPoint Program

Convert PDF To PowerPoint

View PDF Files

Microsoft Publisher is one of the applications in the Microsoft Office Suite package. This program helps users to create web based publications. It is also used for making print publications. Microsoft PowerPoint is another program in the Microsoft Office Suite. However, the function of Microsoft PowerPoint is to create slides for media presentations. Now, if you want to convert a document created in Microsoft Publisher to Microsoft PowerPoint, you can achieve this by converting the Publisher file to image file.

Steps Involved

It is easier to convert PDF to PowerPoint and therefore, it is advised to save the Publisher document as a PDF file. For this, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Publisher document by double-clicking it. Select the option File from its menu and choose the option Publish as PDF or XPS. In the window for Save As, choose PDF as the file type. With this step, you can change the Publisher document to a PDF file, which you can later convert to a bitmap image. Select the button Publish.

Once the document is created in PDF format, you can perform the steps below to create the bitmap image of the file and this bitmap image can be used in the PowerPoint document.

  • Double-click the shortcut icon for Adobe Reader to launch it. In the Adobe Reader window, select the option File. From
    Microsoft Office Suite Package

    Open PDF Files In PowerPoint

    the drop down menu, choose Open. Go to the location of the newly created PDF file. Select the file and click the button OK.

  • Once the new PDF file opens, choose the tool Snapshot. You will find this tool in the toolbar. This tool has an icon similar to a camera. If you cannot find this tool, select the button View in the program and then choose Toolbars. Under Toolbars, choose the option More Toolbars. From the list, locate and choose Snapshot Tool and mark the box near it. This will add the toolbar to the program.

Next step is to add the document to PowerPoint. For this, follow the steps below.

  • Launch the PowerPoint program and open a new slide where you wish to insert the file. Select the option, Edit and then choose Paste. This will add the bitmap image of the PDF file in the program.

With the above steps, you can convert PDF to PowerPoint document. For further help on this issue, you may contact our technical support team.

Convert your PDF files to PPT files

convert Pdf to PowerPoint

tips for converting Pdf files to PPT

Last day I visited my friend Mr. Nobel, a resident of Las Vegas. When I entered his house, I saw him busy in preparing some power point presentation. I found that he is making the presentation by converting the Pdf files to PowerPoint files. Have you ever faced such a need? If so read the full article.

Sometimes your file will be in the Pdf format and you need to convert it into the PPT format. This can be easily done with the help of free conversion software. This technique has got a lot of advantages. Some of them are

  • It will save your valuable time in retyping and re-pasting.
  • Files can be converted so easily and quickly.

Here I’m providing some instructions to convert PDF to PowerPoint files. Kindly go through it.


In order to convert Pdf to PowerPoint files, first you need to download a free software meant to convert PDF files to PPT files. This software can be easily downloaded from the internet and is very user friendly. All you have to do is download the free software, install on your PC and start converting. It will take only some minutes to complete the process.

  • Open the internet browser and navigate to the website for downloading the free conversion software like Pdf to PowerPoint converter or Office Convert Pdf. After downloading, save the software on your hard disk.
  • Go to the folder where you have saved and try to run the program by simply double clicking it. Follow the onscreen prompt to complete the installation wizard.

    convert Pdf to PowerPoint files

    convert your PDF files to PowerPoint files

  • Next is to open the free program and select the option called “Browse” to find the file that you want to convert to Pdf. Right after that click on the button “Convert.” Now your Pdf file will start converting to PowerPoint files.
  • After finishing double click the PowerPoint icon and open it. Then click “Microsoft Logo In PowerPoint 2007.” After this navigate to the “Open” option and browse to see the converted files. Once you find the converted files click and wait for it to get opened.

By these methods the PDF files can be easily converted to PPT files. I hope this article is of great help for you. Also you are always free to contact the actual tech support if you find the content of the article not sufficient. Thank you!

Transfer PDF files to PowerPoint format

Convert PDF to PowerPoint

More on PDF files

Most of the users make use of the PDF files to save their routine work. This is due to the fact that the PDF files are much more reliable and stable than the Word files. The online websites make use of this stability to store the contents. Most of the online websites store the data in the PDF format. PDF files can be converted into PowerPoint very easily. This article will let you know how to transfer the contents stored in the PDF format to PowerPoint slides.

Uses of PDF files

Before discussing the instructions for file conversion, I would like to make you aware of the uses of a PDF file.

  • PDF files can be used to store large chunks of online data.
  • Ebooks make use of the PDF file formats in order to store the data.
  • Many software companies make use of the PDF files to enlist the Help topics related to the particular software. All the user
    PDF files

    conversion options

    manuals are present in the PDF file formats.

  • Used extensively in file sharing websites for maximum security.

Instructions to convert PDF to PowerPoint

Here are the instructions to carry out the process. Please follow all the steps and do not skip any.

  • Select the PDF file that you need to convert into a PowerPoint slide and then open it. You may use the Adobe Reader to open the particular PDF file.
  • Click on the Document option present in the Toolbar to receive a drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu select OCR Text Recognition followed by Recognize Text Using OCR. Now a pop up window will appear on your screen. Now you need to enable the text recognition option on the documents. Select the documents that need this particular option. Press the Enter button after you complete the work.
  • Click on the Edit option followed by Copy File to Clipboard.
  • Now it’s time to load the PowerPoint software. Click on the New Tab to create a new slide.
  • Click on the Edit option of Microsoft PowerPoint followed by the Paste option. In this process the entire data that you selected for conversion gets pasted on the new slide.
  • Repeat the above mentioned steps in order to convert more files from PDF to PowerPoint.

Hope you like the article. Now send in your feedbacks related to the same in convert PDF to PowerPoint topics.

Changing a PDF to PowerPoint

convert PDF to PowerPoint

changing to PPT

We prepare all kinds of PowerPoint presentations and slides. We also enjoy the different documents or tutorials that are available as PDF. Both of the applications have its own advantages. But when you think about preparing a PowerPoint presentation from one of the PDF file, you will be in absolute dilemma. The reason is quite simple. Many believe that it is simply impossible to convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation. But it is possible using one of the expensive software possessed by Adobe which is a very hilarious task.

Downloading of software

  • You can download the software that is used to convert the PDF file to PowerPoint file. Office Convert is one such website that will assist you in this task.
  • On the file conversion website, you can upload the PDF file and it will be converted to a ppt file. The converted PowerPoint file will not be formatted when it is converted.
  • Using free PDF converter, you can convert the PDF file to any other format that is compatible to Microsoft Office. It is also possible to remove the images that are included in the PDF file. Using the converter, it is really easy to convert file into word or excel format other than converting into PowerPoint format.

Copy the file

  • You can copy the content of the PDF file and paste it on PowerPoint. For this, you can make use of Graphics Select tool and draw a rectangle using it and select the area that you wish to convert. Now press Control C on your keyboard and the graphics will be copied.
  • You can open PowerPoint and paste the copied format by pressing on Control V. You can paste all the functions by doing this repeatedly.
  • You can also increase the resolution of the image by increasing the zoom level.

Print Screen to show formatting


Changing to PowerPoint presentation

  • Open the PDF file and take a print screen using your keyboard. This will copy the complete screen on the monitor. Now open PowerPoint and click Paste by selecting Control V and the image will be pasted.
  • You can also make use of Full Screen Mode in Abobe reader. For that you, can click Control L and use Alt tab on the keyboard, which will increase the speed. Using Alt tab, you can switch between both the files and convert PDF to PowerPoint.

Hope you found this article useful.

Converting PDF to PPT format

convert pdf to PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the file format used to present the documents in an independent manner. This type of document contains stylized text and graphics and can be used with Adobe programs and other software. A PowerPoint (PPT) is presentation program software from Microsoft. Do you know how to convert pdf to PowerPoint format?

Conversion using a free online service

1) Go to the website www.zamzar.com.

2) You can find a light green box in the middle of the windows in which you can see Step 1, Steps 2, Step 3 and Steps 4. You can click on the Browse button under Step 1, which will open up a new window.

3) You can browse and open the pdf document that you want to convert using this window.

4) Then you can go to the next level that is Step 2. You can find a drop down menu under Step 2 from which you can click on Convert files to option. You can scroll down and select PPT from the list.

5) Then go to the next level Step 3. You can find a blank white box in which you can type your email address.

6) Now go to Step 4 and click on the Convertbutton. Then the pdf file will be converted into PowerPoint and forwarded to your email address along with instructions on how to download the file.


PDF documents

7) Now open your email client and log in to it. Go to your inbox and check for the email from Zamzar Conversions.

8) Now click on the Zamzar Conversions to open the email received. After opening the email you can scroll down until you find the text Alternatively click on the following link to download a copy of your converted file. Below this text, you will be able to find a hyperlink, which starts with http://www.zamazar.com… You can click on this link, which will open up a new window.

9) Now on the new window you can find a button Download Now. Click on this button and save the file on to your desktop.

10) Then close all the windows and go to your desktop. Double click on the PPT file on your desktop to open it.

These are the steps that you can follow to convert pdf to PowerPoint file. Now you can try to convert your pdf files to PowerPoint for presentation purposes easily.

Need to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Need to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Preparing and presenting a research or project is made easier and more effective by using Power Point applications and these presentations are made use of in educational and professional fields. Students are trained to make presentations on different topics as a research paper or project work which introduces and prepares them mentally for the professional environment.

Power Point to PDF

There are instances when need arises to convert Power Point to PDF. The PPT format documents contain multimedia content or graphics which cannot be shared or printed easily as some contents may disappear or get misprinted when they are mailed or printed. And even the original formatting changes sometimes when this application is reproduced in a paper form.

Convert PDF to PowerPoint

There are many instances or situations when you want to create PDF out of the PPT application. In order to mail an already prepared presentation in PPT file format to a friend, you need to convert it into PDF file format before mailing. Such conversion will be associated with some grammatical errors or formatting changes sometimes. In this case, you can simply use a PDF editor or converter to convert PDF to PowerPoint and make the updates.

Need to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

The conversion process does not bring any change in the original format and so the file remains secure. Also, conversion allows the user to extract images from the converted portable application. In this case, the computer programs convert the non-editable file into an editable Power Point application from where you can have access to the images.

PDF Editor or PDF Converter

  • Teachers or Professors often update their data in non-editable format and they need to recover Power Point file format out of the PDF document.
  • The engineer’s or architect’s design reports include lots of diagrams which they often create in Power Point Slides. These reports are then converted into PDF file format for security and easy sharing.

These are some instances among many where you need to convert the Portable Document Format to PPT application.

Hope this article is informative and is helpful in your research. You can visit this site again for more updates on related issues. Regards!

Instructions for converting PDF to PowerPoint

PDf conversion

Portable document format (PDF) is now considered standard for electronic document exchange and you have to use some Adobe’s expensive software for editing the PDF files. So it’s better to convert the Portable document format files to some other format. Stephen Rindsberg once said: “Converting a PDF to a PPT is like turning stew back into the original meat, veggies, spices and water.” But fortunately we can easily convert PDF to PowerPoint with the support of some converting software.

Conversion using software

  • For this you have to download a conversion software like Office Convert which is only a trial version. If you want to convert PDF to PowerPoint regularly it’s better to hold a licensed version.
  • After downloading the software, upload the pdf you want to convert in the converting website, and select the appropriate conversion standards.
  • If you convert the PDF to other Microsoft Office compatible format with the help of a free PDF converter, there is a chance for images to get detached. So to avoid such problems, first convert the file into Microsoft word or Excel format and then insert to a PowerPoint presentation.

    tips for converting PDF to PowerPoint

Copy and Paste method

This method is quite simple compared to the above one.

  • For copying the contents of your pdf file use the Graphics select option in the Adobe PDF reader. By using this tool draw a rectangle around the area you want to convert and copy the content by pressing Ctrl-C.
  • Now load a new PowerPoint page and paste the contents by pressing Ctrl-V. You can copy the entire content easily by this method.
  • Depending on the source material the graphics quality may differ. For obtaining highest available resolution adjust the zoom level of the PDF.

Print screen option

  • You can copy the image of everything on your screen by hitting Prnt scrn button on the keyboard.
  • To paste the image you copied, switch to the PowerPoint and press Ctrl-V as done before.
  • The above process can be simplified by pressing Ctrl-L on the keyboard. You can also use the Alt-Tab on the keyboard to switch between Adobe reader and PowerPoint.
  • You can eliminate irrelevant part of the image via the image tools available in the PowerPoint.
  • Select the Crop tool from the Image tab. Drag the borders until you get the desired part of the image. To finish the cropping process, click anywhere outside the image.

Adding a PDF file to a PowerPoint presentation

convert pdf to PowerPoint, PDF to PowerPoint Converter

PDF to PowerPoint

Do you have a pdf document that you would like to make into a PowerPoint presentation? Microsoft’s PowerPoint software only allows dragging and dropping of text, images and even videos onto slides, and not pdf files as such. Another way content can be added to a presentation is by copying text from other sources such as Web pages, Word documents and other text files. Since PDF documents cannot be convert into PowerPoint objects, you must find a way to convert pdf to PowerPoint file.

If your PDF contains a single page, PowerPoint suffices in getting the job done. Otherwise, third-party software must be resorted to. Read on to see how to go about the conversion either way.

Conversion Using PowerPoint

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Select New Slide.
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Find and open the PDF file. The file will be opened in Adobe Reader.
  • Drag and select the text on the page.
  • Select Paste after Right-clicking the slide in PowerPoint. The PDF content will be pasted into a text box on the slide and handles will appear at the corners. Resize the text box if you need to adjust its dimensions by dragging the handles using your mouse.
  • Add a second slide by clicking New Slide to.
  • Return to the PDF document and go to the next page. Using the mouse, as you did on the previous page, select and copy its content. Repeat the process of pasting the selected content into the second PowerPoint slide.
  • Keep doing this until you all the PDF content that you need is copied into the PowerPoint slides.

Conversion Using Third-Party Software

  • Download PDF to PowerPoint Converter software. After installation, select one or more PDF files and click Convert. They will be converted into PowerPoint presentations.
  • Alternately, download VeryPDF converter and install it. Run the program and click Add PDF File(s). Select the PDFs you want to convert and click Convert. VeryPDF will convert the file to PowerPoint.
  • Or else, download install and open the free trial of Able2Extract. Press CTRL+O and select a file. The PDF will be displayed. Press CTRL+A to select the entire document’s content and then press CTRL+P. A Save As window will open. Enter a name for the presentation file and click Save.

    convert pdf to PowerPoint, PDF to PowerPoint Converter

    PDF to PowerPoint

Follow these tips to convert pdf to PowerPoint.