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How To Recover The Unsaved Excel Worksheet

Have you ever experienced a program crashing down when your work was almost complete? In such a situation, you may get very upset as a few files would have gone missing due to the abrupt crash. Similar to other excel problems solutions provided by the Excel support team, this too comes with a troubleshooting mechanism. [...]

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Customize Display In MS Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office suite that is used to handle office and personal data as a spreadsheet. The basic focus of MS Excel is to handle documents in tables that include numbered rows and columns. MS Excel is one of the best programs to handle data, records of observations and [...]

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The Proper Way Of Using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is definitely the most sought out spreadsheet software for documenting financial, statistical and engineering information apart from other facts and figures. It is used by households and companies to keep a track of expenses and other figures. Microsoft Excel’s ability to arrange data and the ease of calculation makes it the best choice [...]

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How To Fix Pivot Tables In Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that comes integrated with the Microsoft Office suite. Amongst the well-known easy to use features of the Excel spreadsheet application, Pivot Tables are very helpful in organizing large amounts of data in just a few minutes. However, although it has a great user interface, it is not entirely free [...]

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Cannot Attach Microsoft Excel To A Yahoo! Mail

Microsoft Excel is one of the most useful applications that are included in the Microsoft Office Suite. They help in calculations, creating graphs, charts, tables and a lot of other functions. They have played a great role in consolidating data and reports that a business may generate on a day to day basis. Even if [...]

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Some Common Microsoft Excel Problems And Its Troubleshooting Steps

Microsoft Excel, as we all know is a robust spreadsheet application that lets you do simpler to some of the difficult calculations. Microsoft Excel can not only be used to perform basic calculations but also for complicated data manipulations. Its ready-to-use functions as well as add-in functions which are written in VBA (Visual Basic for [...]

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Formatting Graphing Problems In Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has excellent tools to provide visual support to the represent data using neat graphs. In almost all cases, most of the graphs require some modifications to the template and charts while one is feeding in data. You can sort out Excel problems relating to the look of the graph with the help of [...]

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How To Fix “Microsoft Excel Has Encountered A Problem” Error Message

As you know Excel, the spreadsheet program, comes as a part of Microsoft Office suit. It is an application that allows you to create spreadsheets, tables and databases. While working with Excel, you might receive several error messages like “Microsoft Excel Has Encountered a Problem”. You can fix these issues easily, once you go through [...]

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How To Use Fixed Reference In Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application program designed by Microsoft for Windows operating system and Mac OS X. It uses features like calculation, graphing tools and a macro programming language named Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to provide easy computing solutions. In addition to this, Microsoft Excel’s most powerful feature is its ability to create [...]

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Issues With Microsoft Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel 2007 is one of the finest products from Microsoft Corporation. Since the first launch of the Excel program, a significant amount of changes and modifications have been incorporated. Some of the extended features are expanding the number of maximum rows and columns, new file format, etc. All these changes have been made in [...]

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