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Using Microsoft Excel Help Utility

There is nothing unusual in encountering problems while working on the Excel platform. If you are carrying on the Microsoft Excel program 2007, you may be facing situations where you get stuck at a particular point while operating the program. However, there are number of features in the excel program itself to pull you out [...]

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Making a Histogram in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of those indispensable software that comes bundled with Microsoft Office. A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet lets its users to tabulate data. The tabulated data can then be made use to perform several calculations using various simple formulas made available within Microsoft Excel. It also helps the user to generate different data charts [...]

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Making Labels from Microsoft Excel

Using Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to make labels at home and in the workplace is an important skill to learn. Labels can be made simply and quickly by making use of the mail merged feature in Microsoft Word and data from a spreadsheet. The use of Mail Merge is an easy-to-learn and simple-to-adjust process and leads [...]

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How to run Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode

At scenarios when your computer is infected with virus or malware threats, you might have to restart your PC for the effective working of your antivirus program to remove the threats. When users encounter such issue, rebooting your computer in Safe Mode is the most effective way to diagnose the issue. But during this time [...]

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Uses of Microsoft Excel

Excel is a tool in Microsoft Office which is used in tracking financial data in business. Excel is mainly used in financial industry. It is easy to summaries and classify data using Microsoft Excel. Managers usually take help with Excel to prepare budgets and other financial data. Excel is the best tool that can be [...]

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HELP WITH EXCEL-Excel for Project Management

Finding hard for you to organize multiple work projects? As you know, project management means organizing, planning, and managing the resources in order to bring about successful completion of the specific project goals and objectives. Without keeping the track of various efforts and resources, the projects will not reach a successful completion. Microsoft Office is [...]

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The 3 Best Ways to get Help with MS Excel

Whether you are a new Excel user, an experienced data cruncher, or somewhere right in between, I would like to share with you my top three ways to help yourself when it comes to learning and familiarizing yourself with MS Excel. This section has help with Excel and contains important tips and tricks. And you [...]

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Learn More about Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is one among many of the tools present in Microsoft Office. And as such, Microsoft Excel is used in a variety of fields starting from homes, schools to even business field. Microsoft Excel helps to reduce the work they have, thereby helping the user. Since Microsoft Excel became famous these days so the [...]

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Gain help with Excel

Microsoft Excel is a popular spreadsheet program used by millions of people around the globe. While the basics of this program are simple to use, a beginner initially might seek some assistance in order to attain some confidence with the software. Even an experienced user might sometimes find it difficult to work with the powerful [...]

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How to obtain Free Excel Help

As I was entering the sales report in Microsoft Excel I had an issue with some sales receipts regarding its entry. I have to check it. I don’t know how to check the issue. I contacted my colleague and he directed me towards Microsoft help option in Excel sheet. From that I gained a lot [...]

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