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Saving A PowerPoint File As PDF

Convert PDF To PowerPoint

Creating PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful presentation software tool, which comes as a part of the Office Suite from Microsoft. It gives you a wide range of options to use in creating visual presentations that convey the relevant data. People often convert PDF to PowerPoint presentations so they can have the information ready quickly. But, if you have presentations of large file size, you could still convert these to PDF too. There is also the benefit of being able to shrink the information enough to mail it easily.

When you convert PDF to PowerPoint you’re allowing changes to be made to the presentation file. PDF files are more consistent, which is another major advantage of saving your presentation in the PDF format. There’s now an add-in from Microsoft, which lets you do this easily. It works with MS Office, and logically also with PowerPoint presentations.

How to convert

  • Launch the Microsoft PowerPoint program.
  • See that you have the correct add-in, and then, hit the Office button at the top-left. For Office 2007 and higher versions, this is what’s there instead of the File button.
  • From the menu, choose Save as, and then select PDF or XPS. If you can’t find the latter option, choose the Find add-ins for other file formats option.
  • Navigate to the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS link. Select the language you want it in, and hit the Download button. This will download the add-in, and then you open the executable file and install. It should not take long, since the file is of relatively small size, and so is the add-in it installs.

    MS Office

    Saving PowerPoint Presentations

  • Go back to PowerPoint and make a new presentation document. Get it to a point that you want to save it in, because changes can’t be made to the PDF file, once it’s created. You could, of course, repeatedly save it as PDF. The next step is how.
  • Hit the Office button at the top-left corner again, and just like you did before getting the add-on, choose Save as, and then select PDF or XPS. You’ll be prompted to save the file, so give it a preferred name for that. After saving it, hit the Publish button. Your PowerPoint presentation has now been saved as a PDF file.

This was on how to save a PowerPoint presentation as a PDF file so as to get a smaller, more easily mailable file. Call us, if you want help with this procedure.

Steps to Create a Moving Sequence in PowerPoint

moving animations for PowerPoint

How to Create a Moving Sequence in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint enables the users to set movement for multiple slides and other elements they have created within their slides. In the animation schemes for each action, you can find exciting movements which can be used to make your presentations attractive. You can also set the time and effect for each movement. Through this article, we will teach you how to create moving animations for PowerPoint!

  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint and select the file you want to sequence.
  • Set the View to normal. Then Click on Slide Show and then select Slide Transition

    MS Office

    easy Steps to Create a Moving Sequence in PowerPoint

  • On the new window, select the slide you want to animate. From the Slide Transition task panel select your desired slide transition and click Apply to all slides
  • Select the Modify Transition option to set transition speed and sounds for the slides.
  • In the toolbar you can see options named Slide Show and Animation Schemes. Open these to customize the elements such as text and objects within your slide.
  • Again select the slide you want to modify from the left panel. Now you can select the animation you want for your slide from the Slide design panel.
  • In the toolbar you can see options named Slide Show and Custom Animation. Open these to customize your sequence.
  • Again select the slide you want to customize from the left panel and select the object.
  • Now click Add Effect button and select one of the options Entrance, Emphasis, Exit or Motion Paths for the slide you have selected. Now select the effect you want to use for your slide such as Start, Direction, Path, Font or speed.
  • To add an animation to another object, you need to perform all these steps for that particular object. Power point will allocate a number for each element which will help you to know the order of your sequence. Click Reorder from the bottom of your task panel to rearrange your animations.
  • For advanced animation effects, click on the arrow beside the element and open the Custom Animation panel. Where you will see actions such as Start On Click, Effect Options, Hide Advanced Timeline, Start With Previous, Start After Previous which can be used to modify your effects.
  • Now you can see your animation by clicking on the Slide Show.

Following these steps can help you to create amazing moving animations for PowerPoint. Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!

What is PowerPoint Trial Version

MS Office

Understanding PowerPoint

PowerPoint is not an alien term if your PC is windows based. PowerPoint enables you to create professional presentations and can include text, music, pictures and even videos. It can also add movement to all or any of these aspects to enthrall the audience. The dynamism with which PowerPoint functions is just awesome.

PowerPoint presentations can be created, viewed and edited. They are in the form of slides that have animated movements following a sequence. PowerPoint comes included in the compact package of MS Office software or can be bought as a single product and in any instance you are entitled for PowerPoint troubleshooting support. Getting PowerPoint to your system should take only minutes and can be accomplished in the following steps.

Instructions to add PowerPoint to your OS

  • Go to Microsoft Office homepage by opening the browser. Click on Products and select PowerPoint icon on the left pane of the page.
  • You will get to see the option, Free 60-day trial in the form of a link under the PowerPoint 2007 graphic. Click on the option Download Now and fill out all relevant forms and process you are prompted to.
  • You should not get an Activation Key from Microsoft on the next page.
  • Note down the activation key for future use. Remember this is a unique key that even Microsoft cannot regenerate.
  • Click on Download Now and begin the installation process of PowerPoint 2007.
  • Once done, Save and move on to Open File. You will see the InstallShield Wizard open.
  • The wizard will prompt you to fill up certain details. Once done, click on Continue. Then you must agree to the End User Agreement License by clicking on I Agree check box.
  • The InstallShield wizard will now complete the download.
  • Now, provide the activation key in relevant boxes and click OK to complete the installation process and another Ok to use PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint 2007 is ideally a presentation in slide form and permits you to add animation to anything on record like text, video,

MS Office

Presentation Slides

music, images etc. Your slideshow could become video graphic and peppier with PowerPoint that and you can even play the presentation on a PC or DVD player. There are more options to get a PowerPoint package and it is up to you to decide whether you need a trial version or should go for direct purchase. Even if you purchase you can rest assured that there is a PowerPoint troubleshooting team to address to your concerns and issues with the application.



Some tips for making invoices in Excel

help with Microsoft Excel, MS Office

best tips for making invoices easily

Microsoft has introduced a number of utility programs to computer users all over the world apart from the efficient and effective computer operating systems they offer. Microsoft Office or shortly MS Office is a collection of such utilities that helps in the making of various types of documents. For example, MS Word helps in making WordPad documents and MS PowerPoint helps in making PowerPoint presentations. Microsoft Excel is the next important tool that comes inside the MS Office utility package and is a software utility that helps in making office documents and account sheets easily.

There are a lot of offices all over the world that now makes use of the extensive features of this simple and excellent software. It helps in making the process much easier and faster with the help of various features constituted along with it. Making of invoices is now made easier with MS Excel and you can know more about it now from this simple article. The article offers you help with Microsoft Excel along with offering guidelines for making invoices.

Gather customer data

An invoice is a document that contains lots of data, collecting those data is the initial step that has to be performed for making one. Customer name, company name, address, contact number etc are the few important details that you need to have. Providing each specific customer with a unique identification number will help in making your invoices more efficient and effective for future uses. Once the data collection process is finished you can move to the next step of making invoices with excel.

Download template

help with Microsoft Excel, MS Office

best tips for making invoices easily

There are different types of templates using which you can make an invoice for your company. There are a lot of them available for download on the internet. Search among them and pick one that suits you needs and your company.

Entering information

The third and the final step that comes with making of invoices is the entering of information correctly in specific fields. Make sure that you edit the details on the downloaded template and update that with the information that is relevant to yours before you start using it. After entering the information in the document, save the file in the Invoice folder with a suitable name.

It is sure that this article has offered you good help with Microsoft Excel. So, stay on the site and get more.

Helping your Kid to Learn PowerPoint

PowerPoint help, MS Office

slides with MS PowerPoint

Have you ever made a PowerPoint presentation for your child for his needs at the school? If yes, we say that you shouldn’t have done that; instead you could have taught your child to use the MS PowerPoint application for making presentations and slides by him-self.

PowerPoint is a simple and efficient application that even the students of primary classes can make use of. So, get your child in front of the computer now and start making him an efficient PowerPoint user with the help of the PowerPoint help tips mentioned here.

Getting your Kid to Learn PowerPoint

Make a plan

The first thing to do before you start the teaching process is to make a good planning. Help the child to use his own ideas in making the presentation. Showing some good PowerPoint presentations will make him interested in studying it and you can carry out the process more easily.

Teach to open an application

PowerPoint help, MS Office

slides with MS PowerPoint

The second step of the teaching process is to make him open the application by himself. You can make use of the normal procedure, i.e., StartAll ProgramsMS OfficeMS PowerPoint method or can create a shortcut on the Desktop to make the process easier.

Choosing slide templates

The next step that comes in the PowerPoint help tips is the choosing of a suitable template for the slides. You will find a Blank layout in the list that appears and you can tell your child to choose that for making the presentation. A blank area will appear on the screen where the slide can be made.

Making a title

A good title is important for each and every slide that comes inside a presentation. For creating a title, tell your child to choose the Text Box tool and draw a box in the blank space available. After he finishes typing in the title text, show him how to increase the size of the font and how to change the font style. Also, bring his attention to the Text Color and Background Color tools.

Inserting a picture

An image that is relevant to the topic of a slide always makes a good affect on it when it is presented in front of others. So, ask your child to choose the Picture option from the Insert menu and help him to choose an image file that is saved on your computer.

So, by the next time your child is asked to make a PowerPoint presentation by his teacher, make sure that he can make one by himself.