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Good Tips For Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentation

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Giving a good presentation is a herculean task involving various factors. Presentations are a powerful way to communicate ideas, information and your message to your audience. It is really important to engage them while you deliver your presentation. Only then your presentation will be effective and successful. No matter how you create a presentation, whether they are made using a tool such as PowerPoint, other applications or your own artwork, they are a wonderful way to support a speech, visualize complex concepts or direct attention to a topic or subject you wish to present.

However, a horrendous presentation has the potential to achieve the worst. If your presentation consists of badly designed slides, horribly placed images, graphics and content, then you cannot expect to convey much about anything. Actually, you will be irritating and annoying your audience. This PowerPoint help guide will assist you with avoiding some of the common mistakes that most people commit while preparing and presenting a PowerPoint presentation. Below mentioned are some useful PowerPoint help tips.

Maintain a Natural Style

Too much complexity and things that are not pleasing to your eyes should not be used and trying odd combination can sometimes be counterproductive. It is best to keep things simple and natural. A quality presentation aims at providing ease and comfort at learning new information, not amaze or complicate them. Use simple, elegant and eye-pleasing slides.

Don’t allow PowerPoint to dictate things for you

The software giant has provided lot of exciting features in its presentation tool- PowerPoint. Having the features does not mean it is necessary to use them all. It is best to avoid some common PPT features such as action sounds; instead use PPT themes that complement your presentation. Choose the features that suit the needs of your presentation, to make it more effective.

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Whatever you do in your presentation should be consistent. If you have chosen certain styles, designs, patterns and features for one slide, the other slides should also have some or all the things. The font and colors should be consistent. Poor choice of colors, font and other factors can shatter a presentation.

Know your audience

Don’t be silly and decide things before knowing your audience. If you are giving a presentation you would have a fair idea about your target audience and what they prefer and expect. Whatever you do in your presentation should be able to draw the attention, covey the message you wished to, using your presentation.

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind before preparing your presentation.

Getting Familiar With Microsoft PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is in fact a great tool required to make business presentations. The slideshow presentation tool was created by Microsoft and the official launch took place on May 22, 1990. PowerPoint help is an added feature you will find in the PowerPoint suite used to rectify technical faults in the program. The facets given below will tell you more about PowerPoint and PowerPoint help.

Advantages of using PowerPoint

You can see that PowerPoint presentations have many separate slides or pages. The slide is an integral factor in which you add all the important details that you want to show during the presentation. A slide usually contains texts, movies, graphics and sound. You can use PowerPoint help to make preferred changes to your slide. A basic PowerPoint presentation will have two main types of movements; they are as given below.

Custom animations

You can create custom animations by entering, arranging and making suitable alterations to the elements that you add to your PowerPoint presentations. In addition to that, you can also use custom animations for making mini storyboards by creating customized and animated pictures.


Transitions are completely different from custom animations. This is because transitions are the movements that happen mainly between the slides. The best part is that you can animate them in various ways as per your needs and requirements.

One of the major advantages of using PowerPoint presentations is that you can convey the idea or market a product in the best possible way. You can bring out the message to the audience through various effective ways.

business presentations

Advantages of using PowerPoint

Nowadays numerous software are available that help you to customize your PowerPoint presentations. The easy to follow instructions will help you to perform the presentation in a professional way. Microsoft has introduced many versions of PowerPoint. It is highly recommended that you get the latest version. This is because the modern version of PowerPoint program will have all the latest features and you can make your presentations more effective and interesting.

PowerPoint animations are becoming very popular these days. These animations are used extensively to create games and movies. The basic artwork for the software is created with auto shape features and you can arrange them using the custom animation feature.

Microsoft has also introduced another special feature known as Animation Trigger for PowerPoint presentations. This feature will let you apply special effects to a preferred slide with the help of automated or manual commands. You can see that this feature is mainly used for PowerPoint Games.

Find Out How To Fade A Picture In PowerPoint

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PowerPoint Help Options

The proprietary commercial presentation program, which Microsoft developed, goes by the name, PowerPoint. It was introduced as part of the Microsoft Office suite. It functions on Apple’s Mac OS X operating system also and of course, Microsoft Windows. The aim of PowerPoint is to help people prepare presentation slides. A number of slides or in other words, individual pages is what Microsoft PowerPoint consist of. You can include text, graphics, movies, sounds and other such elements in the slides that you prepare using PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint offers access to tools for creating informative, dynamic and most interesting presentations.

Through this program is integrated a slideshow interface that reminds one of the concept which is used with projector slides. Owing to this, pictures are used in PowerPoint for facilitating visual communication. PowerPoint lets users insert background images into the various slides that they prepare. To insert and fade a background picture, PowerPoint helps in arresting the attention of viewers while not making the text on the slide appear overwhelming. Instructions for fading a picture in PowerPoint developed by the PowerPoint help team are given below.

How to fade a picture in PowerPoint

  • Start off with these instructions for inserting the picture by choosing to click the slide to which you want the pictures to be included. Then you have to click “Insert.” After pointing to “Picture,” you have to click “From File.” The “Open” dialog box opens. Browse to the picture that has to be inserted. Either click it and select “Open” or double-click on the filename.
  • Following which, you have to right-click the inserted picture and click “Format Picture” from the pop menu. Click the “Picture” tab followed by the “Color” box arrow and select “Washout.”
  • It is then required that the picture be deleted from the slide. For that, you have to press the “Delete” key on the keyboard of the computer.

    Visual Communication

    PowerPoint Help Function

  • Click “Format” followed by “Background. Then click “Background Fill” followed by “Fill Effects.” After that, click on the “Picture” tab and click “Select Picture.” Navigate to the saved picture and click “Insert” followed by “OK”. For inserting it, click “Apply”.
  • The picture will appear in the form of a washout that will seem faded when compared to its original appearance.

Instructions for fading a picture in PowerPoint end here. Feel free to contact the PowerPoint help center if you need more help with this procedure.

Procedures To Create A PowerPoint Presentation

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PowerPoint presentation

The PowerPoint is one of the most popular software that you can use for creating presentations. There are number of features in PowerPoint that enables you to make your presentation both interesting as well as attractive. Try out the following instructions provided by PowerPoint help to create your own presentation.

Steps to Follow

  • Open the PowerPoint program on your computer. For that, click on the PowerPoint icon that you can find in the desktop or in the Start menu. If you cannot find this icon in either of these places, open the Start menu and click All Programs. From the list of all programs that appears, select the Microsoft Office and then click on Microsoft PowerPoint from the Office menu.
  • When the program opens, a dialogue box appears on the screen. From the options in the dialogue box, select Blank Presentation.
  • Select an AutoLayout format. Start with the Title slide layout that you can find on the left side of the window. Once you select title layout, click OK.
  • Click in the title box and type the title in it to add text into the slide.
  • You can add the subtitle as well by following the same method in the subtitle box.
  • Once you added all the information for the first slide, click on the New Slide option that you can find on the Common Tasks Toolbar. Similar to the previous slide, AutoLayout appears and now you can choose the layout for this slide. Add more slides to your presentation until your presentation is complete.
  • Once you create all the slides for your PowerPoint, click on the button that you find on the lower corner of your PowerPoint window to move from one slide to the other for viewing it.

    Microsoft PowerPoint

    PowerPoint support

  • To move to the previous slide, click on the upward pointing arrow at the bottom of the window or on the downward pointing arrow to move to another slide.
  • Once you check all the slides and after making the necessary changes, save the presentation that you have created. For that, click the File menu on top of the PowerPoint window and then select the Save As option. Then type the name of your presentation in the dialogue box that appears and click OK.

The above instructions are helpful for you to create a presentation. Visit the PowerPoint help website for more assistance regarding the application.

Displaying Rulers In PowerPoint

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How to insert a ruler in PowerPoint

There is no other software application better than Microsoft Power Point when it comes to preparing presentations and slide shows for your college or business purposes. It makes the entire process look so simple and you get so much of PowerPoint help from various sources including the help section in the software interface itself. But at times you might need simpler instructions for performing some basic tasks on this software like for example displaying a ruler or creating an animation, etc in PowerPoint. You can of course search online for tips and if you were looking for ways to implement the former i.e. displaying a ruler in the application, then we got some great tips for you right here. Just follow these instructions to see the ruler being displayed in the PowerPoint interface.


  • You need to run the PowerPoint application from “Start -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office” option.
  • Once the application is running, you need to search for the standard tool bar which is usually located on top of the display window. For easy identification just examine the area directly below the title bar which displays “Microsoft PowerPoint” as well as your presentation’s title.
  • There will be an option called “View”, you need to click on that.
  • In that list you will see the option of “Ruler” and you can use it to bring either a horizontal or a vertical ruler or both on the screen or more precisely the slide you were working on in PowerPoint.

    Problems with PowerPoint

    PowerPoint help for ruler feature

  • Both the rulers have their respective markings as well. The horizontal ruler will start at five inches. It can move towards zero and continues to the next five inches and hence the zero mark is considered to be the middle of the page or slide in the horizontal direction. As far as the vertical ruler is concerned, it starts at just about more than three and a half inches and then moves towards zero. It is capable of moving a further three and a half inches thereby making the zero demarcation the middle of the page vertically as well.

If at all you have any problem in opening the ruler option, all you need to do is return to the standard tool bar section and you will see the “Help” button. Click it to open the Microsoft PowerPoint help section where you will have a search bar to search for any problems with PowerPoint. You just have to type in “Ruler” in this case and all related instructions and help topics for this keyword are displayed for your aid.

Ways To Insert Speaker Notes In Power Point

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PowerPoint presentation

Today PowerPoint presentations are inevitable in business meetings. The major advantage of a PowerPoint presentation is that you can convey a vast canvas of ideas within a limited time span. However, the effectiveness depends upon the ability of the person who is giving the presentation.

A thorough preparation is highly recommended to avoid even the slightest of the glitches. PowerPoint is an amazing software program by Microsoft, which provides you with the adequate tools to make your presentation a big success.

You can communicate to your audience in a highly professional and disciplined manner with elaborative, informative and colorful slides. A background speech will certainly add life to the entire presentation. It will certainly create a great impact on the audience at the presentation hall. Even the miniscule detail in the slide will get optimum importance when it is coupled with a voice presentation.

So next time when you are thinking about a PowerPoint presentation, it will be 100% effective if you can insert speaker notes. In case if you do not know how to get it done, the following set of instructions offered by PowerPoint help, may help you to get it fixed.

Speaker note setup on PowerPoint

  • Get started by creating a new file. To do this you have to click on Office button and select New. You will find this tab on the top left hand side of the windows panel. After that, double click on Blank presentation.
  • Now click on the notes pane. This option can be found at the bottom part of the windows panel, which shows the text. After that, select Click to add notes. Enter a note, as you want it to be. The small note pane can be found at the bottom side of the default PowerPoint view.


    Speaker note setup on PowerPoint

  • After all these steps, proceed by clicking on the View tab at the top side of the Windows panel. Now click on Notes page tab found at the bottom of the window and enter the note as required.

Once this is done, the notes page will provide a notes pane of bigger size. This is adequate for you to input longer entries. Now proceed by dragging the zoom slider on the status bar found at the bottom of the windows panel to magnify the view as you type along.

Thus, with PowerPoint help and easy to follow instructions, you can insert speaker notes to your PowerPoint presentation, and add life to the slides.

Create Your Own Jeopardy Games On PowerPoint

PowerPoint help

How to create jeopardy games in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best software for making and presenting office presentations. It has many functions, which makes the presentation good and interesting. Using PowerPoint, you can even make some puzzling games, which makes your presentation more interesting.

You can download a free template from PowerPoint help and make Jeopardy games easily. After downloading the template, you can add questions and answers to modify the template. You can also add different colors and graphics to make the game visually attractive. You can also create a jeopardy game from scratch if you want.

If you want to make a jeopardy game for your PowerPoint presentation, try the following steps provided by PowerPoint help.

Steps to follow

  • Open PowerPoint on your computer and choose a blank presentation. Then choose the blank presentation in the Auto Layout box and click OK.
  • Navigate to view menu and choose Master and then slide master. Then choose a background color from the format menu and click apply to all option.
  • If you want, you can change the font size and type.
  • Choose slide from the view menu. Navigate to insert menu and select Table. Take as many columns and rows that you need.
  • Enter the name of each category in the top row of each column.
  • Choose all the text in the table, navigate to Format menu, and click Paragraph. Then, make the justification to Centered.
  • Select a new slide from the insert menu and add a question on this slide, you can also add pictures if you want.
  • You can add the picture by clicking on the insert menu, and then choose a picture and after that you can change the size of the image.
  • Select the arrow from the new slide and navigate to the insert menu, then select Hyperlink. From the popup menu, choose the ‘place in this document’ option. Then choose the first slide as the place for the document and click OK.
  • Navigate to the first page and enter the mark that is given for this question in the right place.

    PowerPoint presentation

    Make your presentation interesting

  • Again, select the Hyperlink from the insert menu and then choose Place this document. In the popup menu, choose the slide you just created now and click OK.
  • Add all the questions and their marks in the similar way.
  • After adding all the questions, select the view menu and choose Slideshow.
  • Make a test on the game and if necessary, make some adjustments.

Follow these steps to make your PowerPoint presentations interesting and attractive.

How To Use The Help System In Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint help

how to use PowerPoint help

Microsoft PowerPoint is an extremely useful application for making presentations that include slides, which contain textual content and multimedia objects in them. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to do something simple on the program, or complicated; you’d do well to be in the know about the ways to use the Microsoft PowerPoint help system. Once you get a hang of it, you can even go online if the offline help does not solve your problem, though it’s highly unlikely you’ll need to. The help systems are one of the best features of the programs in the windows operating system, and are only a click away from the online versions.

Using the help system in PowerPoint

Open the Microsoft PowerPoint program and find the Type a question for help box in the upper right corner of the window. There’ll be a field provided, which you can enter queries into.

  • In the field provided, type in the query or question about the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, which you wish to receive help with. When you’re done typing in the details, hit the enter button on the keyboard. After the enter button has been pressed, you’ll get an open window with the search results inside, and to the right of the screen.

    help system in PowerPoint

    guidelines for using PowerPoint help

  • Scroll down the list of entries displayed, till you find one that matches your query, and looks like it might give you enough help with fixing the problem. Check for phrases in common with your problem.
  • Click on the topic you think will be most relevant to the difficulty you’re facing, and you’ll get the Microsoft Office PowerPoint Help window to the right of the screen.
  • Read the steps given there and follow them carefully, and fix the issue that you were facing. If the topic doesn’t help you with your problem, then go to theSearch Result pane and select another of the results, and repeat the process.
  • After you’re finished consulting the help topic, close the help window by hitting the X button in the help window, and in the Search Results pane.

This is some information on how to call up and use the help system in Microsoft PowerPoint. If doubts persist, look up ways online to tackle this problem, or contact the windows tech support teams online for further assistance. Hope this article is helpful and relevant.

Create Text With Styles In Powerpoint

PowerPoint Text Styles

The use of Microsoft PowerPoint has revolutionized the way a presentation can be created and presented to a motely crowd. The application comes along with the Microsoft Office suite which also includes applications such as Word, Excel, etc. Images, slides and graphics can be added along with the text using PowerPoint, creating professional and attractive presentations. By learning more about the features in PowerPoint and its operation, the user can create some astonishing slides and use it to present engrossing presentations.

One of the interesting features in PowerPoint is creating text with styles to use as headings and body texts. There is a default built-in text treatment tool in PowerPoint that is used to do the text manipulation.

Here is the PowerPoint help that will guide you to create text with styles in PowerPoint.

  • Start the PowerPoint and go to the presentation or open a new presentation. You can also use default templates in PowerPoint to modify the slides according to your needs.
  • Select the template, edit it and click on the Design menu. A list of options with many pre-designed text will be available to choose from. You can choose one from the options or use the option to create one of your own.
  • Click on Format and it will bring down the text-editingtools which you can use to bring effects on your text. The features in

    Help With PowerPoint

    this is used to add changes like editing bevels to text, changing color, shape and adding shadows. You can select the bevel style from the WordArt group.

  • Choose the thickness of your letters by clicking on the Text Outline and selecting a suitable thickness. The effect of shading and coloring the letters can be selected from the option marked as Text Fill.
  • The effects for the texts are available on Text Effects and you can choose the same by clicking on it. Here, the options to shadow, bevel, glow or 3D effects are displayed. Try the options and choose the effect that suits your need and click on the Transform tool. This will allow you to shape your text and use the mouse to move, twist or curve the text. With this change, the effects that you have brought earlier; texture, shadow, size, etc. will be regulated.

You can have more PowerPoint help and tips from the website of Microsoft which details on the features of the latest version of the popular application. Furthermore, you can access the latest updates to the software by updating the same with the patches released by the company from time to time.

How To Make An Index In PowerPoint

PowerPoint help

Use the PowerPoint help

An index in a printed publication serves the purpose of quickly locating the pages you are searching for. The facility is available is the Microsoft Power Point tool as well. By using the PowerPoint help utility you can navigate to any slide within your presentation with a click of the mouse.

Instructions for creating an Index

  • Launch the PowerPoint software. Choose the File tab. Select Open. Go through the presentation slide in which you want make the index and click twice over the file name. This will open the first slide on the main screen along with the slide decks on the left hand side.
  • Scroll the slide deck to the last slide and select the slide to see that it is showed upon the screen.
  • Chose the new slide buttons’ down arrow situated at the top. Choose the Title only option to include that particular slide.
  • Type in the word Index in to the click to Add title text box.
  • Choose the Insert tab. Choose the text box button on the tab. Wait for a while to see the cursor changes to upside down and then drag the cursor to create text box on the slide.
  • Type in letter A or the first letter of the Alphabet having index references.
  • Hit the Enter key to see that you get a space in between the letter and the next line of text. Type in the presentation reference. Also, type a comma and slide number. You can use the slide deck at the left hand side of the page for reference. In case the reference is shown on multiple slides separate the slide numbers by providing commas.

    Microsoft Power Point

    PowerPoint help and support function

  • Hit the enter key and include the next entry under the letter. Again press the enter key twice and add the reference as per your needs.
  • Include additional slides by choosing the Duplicate slide option. Once the slide is added, select the text and type the new index entries on it.
  • Click hyperlink from the menu. Choose the place in this document button. Choose the slides having the actual reference item from the slide titles hierarchy under the Select a place in this document pane. Choose OK to see that the index entry is hyperlinked. Choose the File option. Select save as.

You can seek the support of PowerPoint help and support function to solve any issues regarding the creation of indices in your slides. Indexing will certainly help you skip irrelevant slides and present your topic much more effectively!