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Good Tips For Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentation

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Giving a good presentation is a herculean task involving various factors. Presentations are a powerful way to communicate ideas, information and your message to your audience. It is really important to engage them while you deliver your presentation. Only then your presentation will be effective and successful. No matter how you create a presentation, whether they are made using a tool such as PowerPoint, other applications or your own artwork, they are a wonderful way to support a speech, visualize complex concepts or direct attention to a topic or subject you wish to present.

However, a horrendous presentation has the potential to achieve the worst. If your presentation consists of badly designed slides, horribly placed images, graphics and content, then you cannot expect to convey much about anything. Actually, you will be irritating and annoying your audience. This PowerPoint help guide will assist you with avoiding some of the common mistakes that most people commit while preparing and presenting a PowerPoint presentation. Below mentioned are some useful PowerPoint help tips.

Maintain a Natural Style

Too much complexity and things that are not pleasing to your eyes should not be used and trying odd combination can sometimes be counterproductive. It is best to keep things simple and natural. A quality presentation aims at providing ease and comfort at learning new information, not amaze or complicate them. Use simple, elegant and eye-pleasing slides.

Don’t allow PowerPoint to dictate things for you

The software giant has provided lot of exciting features in its presentation tool- PowerPoint. Having the features does not mean it is necessary to use them all. It is best to avoid some common PPT features such as action sounds; instead use PPT themes that complement your presentation. Choose the features that suit the needs of your presentation, to make it more effective.

PowerPoint Presentation

Help With PowerPoint Presentation


Whatever you do in your presentation should be consistent. If you have chosen certain styles, designs, patterns and features for one slide, the other slides should also have some or all the things. The font and colors should be consistent. Poor choice of colors, font and other factors can shatter a presentation.

Know your audience

Don’t be silly and decide things before knowing your audience. If you are giving a presentation you would have a fair idea about your target audience and what they prefer and expect. Whatever you do in your presentation should be able to draw the attention, covey the message you wished to, using your presentation.

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind before preparing your presentation.

Steps To Draw Objects Using Microsoft PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint help

How to Draw in Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint provides you a basic set of drawing tools to add custom objects to your PowerPoint slides. This can be used as a last resort if you are unable to find an appropriate photo or clip art graphic for your PowerPoint presentation. Creating effective pictures can help you to make your presentation entertaining and useful. Follow these MS PowerPoint help guidelines to fix your issues in the easiest and most effective manner.


  • Launch the Microsoft PowerPoint application from the Windows Start menu. Open the Start menu, click All Programs, and then click Microsoft office. Choose Microsoft PowerPoint from the list of Office applications.
  • Locate the Drawing toolbar from the bottom left of your PowerPoint interface. The toolbar will consist of several options, including Draw and Autoshapes.
  • In case your interface is not displaying the Drawing toolbar, you need to enable it manually. Press the View option from the top menu bar, and then select Toolbars. From the list of toolbars available, click on Drawing to enable it.
  • You might have noticed a row of dotted lines right above the menu. Use your mouse pointer to drag this box into any location on your document. This small menu will provide you direct access to various drawing tools on every slide.
  • Now, activate Autoshapes by clicking on it from the Drawing toolbar. Also, click Lines from the top menu.
  • Now you can start drawing. There are six options available for drawing. Select the Freeform option if you like to draw something by your own. Use the Line option if you want to create a line, or objects associated with lines, such as a square, rectangle and so on. Likewise, click on Curve if you want to draw curved lines. Use these tools according to your preferences, to create a personalized shape.

    PowerPoint presentation

    How to use Autoshapes on PowerPoint

  • Now if you want to draw freeform objects, navigate to the slide, draw the object using your mouse by pressing down the left button and releasing it whenever you complete the drawing. You can also draw on blank slides, which do not contain any textboxes, before you insert objects into your slides. This technique can be used to create better effects.

Several websites provide customized shapes that you can utilize to make your presentation much more attractive. You can navigate to MS PowerPoint help forums to read more about customized shapes and drawing techniques.

Create Your Own Jeopardy Games On PowerPoint

PowerPoint help

How to create jeopardy games in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best software for making and presenting office presentations. It has many functions, which makes the presentation good and interesting. Using PowerPoint, you can even make some puzzling games, which makes your presentation more interesting.

You can download a free template from PowerPoint help and make Jeopardy games easily. After downloading the template, you can add questions and answers to modify the template. You can also add different colors and graphics to make the game visually attractive. You can also create a jeopardy game from scratch if you want.

If you want to make a jeopardy game for your PowerPoint presentation, try the following steps provided by PowerPoint help.

Steps to follow

  • Open PowerPoint on your computer and choose a blank presentation. Then choose the blank presentation in the Auto Layout box and click OK.
  • Navigate to view menu and choose Master and then slide master. Then choose a background color from the format menu and click apply to all option.
  • If you want, you can change the font size and type.
  • Choose slide from the view menu. Navigate to insert menu and select Table. Take as many columns and rows that you need.
  • Enter the name of each category in the top row of each column.
  • Choose all the text in the table, navigate to Format menu, and click Paragraph. Then, make the justification to Centered.
  • Select a new slide from the insert menu and add a question on this slide, you can also add pictures if you want.
  • You can add the picture by clicking on the insert menu, and then choose a picture and after that you can change the size of the image.
  • Select the arrow from the new slide and navigate to the insert menu, then select Hyperlink. From the popup menu, choose the ‘place in this document’ option. Then choose the first slide as the place for the document and click OK.
  • Navigate to the first page and enter the mark that is given for this question in the right place.

    PowerPoint presentation

    Make your presentation interesting

  • Again, select the Hyperlink from the insert menu and then choose Place this document. In the popup menu, choose the slide you just created now and click OK.
  • Add all the questions and their marks in the similar way.
  • After adding all the questions, select the view menu and choose Slideshow.
  • Make a test on the game and if necessary, make some adjustments.

Follow these steps to make your PowerPoint presentations interesting and attractive.

How To Make Snowflakes Effect In Your PowerPoint Presentation

pwerpoint presetnation

how to create snow effect on power point

It does not matter if you are creating a presentation for a personal or a business purpose; adding special effects can help you to perk up your presentation, as well as add emphasis and visual appeal to it. With the help of in-built auto shapes and tools, you can come up with cool animations for PowerPoint presentations. To bring in some seasonal theming, try adding snow. In this article, we will teach you how to add a cool snowflake effect to your PowerPoint presentation.


  • Launch the PowerPoint application and open the presentation to which you need add the snow effect. Hit the Format option, and select Background. You should choose a background color for your presentation from the drop down swatch. Choose dark colors such as black or blue. Click Apply to confirm your selection.
  • Navigate back to the top tool bar, click Insert, select Shapes, and then pick the oval auto shape from the list. Click anywhere on the background to create a small circle, which will be where your first snowflake shows. You can hold down the shift key and click on multiple spots. Now double click on any circle and press Fill and further click Gradient Fill.
  • Set the Color options to white. Also open the Direction drop-down box, and choose a color, which is bright at the center and lighter towards edges. From the left pane, click Line Color and then select No Line. Hit Ok to save your changes.
  • You can use the copy paste functions from your keyboard (CTRL+C and then CTRL+V) to create snowflakes all over your presentation, rather than doing it individually. Try to distribute them evenly across your presentation.

    Animation Painter

    how to use Animation Painter on PowerPoint

  • Navigate back to the top tool bar, click Animations, and select Advanced animations. Choose Fly Out from the list of animations for PowerPoint. You can set the duration and speed of your snowflakes by tweaking the Timing section.
  • After setting up the Fly Out and Timing option, click on the Animation Painter option. You need to select all the snowflakes that you have created, and apply a common animation rule to all the items selected. Now your snowflake effect is set for display, and you can check it by hitting the Preview button from the View option.

This is one cool idea to make your PowerPoint presentation impressive. Keep watching this space for more fun ideas, to help you customize your powerpoint presentations.

How To Add Background Music In PowerPoint Presentations

animated backgrounds for PowerPoint

Adding background music in PowerPoint

As we all know, PowerPoint from Microsoft is one of the most widely used presentation software across the globe. The reason is simple; it offers a wide range of tools and options for us to build the most sophisticated presentations with ease. There are lots of options to make our presentations more appealing. There are several animated backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations available that allow superb interpretation of facts and figures. This is very useful for preparing educational seminars, conducting financial and statistical reviews of business performances during a board meeting, etc. But not many would be aware of the fact that it is possible to add background music to a PowerPoint presentation.

Yes it is possible to add music to your presentations and if you don’t know how, then here are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this property in your presentations.


  • First find a good music tone to match your presentation. Try to get some melodious music or formal music that will create a smooth ambience for the presentation. Do not by any chance put a jazzy or rock music for an educational or business presentation as you will get the wrong attention.
  • Since most versions of PowerPoint support WAV, MP3 and MDI formats, you need to choose a music file in any of these formats for proper playback.
  • Next it is time to insert the audio file into your presentation. For that press “Insert” followed by “Movies and Sounds” and then select “Sound from File”.
  • Choose your already decided music file and press “OK”.

    PowerPoint presentation

    Music background for PowerPoint

  • From the pop up window that appears, set the music to play “Automatically” or “When you click it” as per your choice. For the “Automatically” setting, the music will start when the slide show begins. The other option requires you to press the music icon to start playback.
  • If you want to further customize the music playback settings like Timing, effects, etc you can do so by visiting the respective setting options in the drop down menu of the song. You can set the time, how many slides a particular music file plays, the volume and so on.

So in addition to adding animated backgrounds for PowerPoint presentations it is quite easy to add some music to pep up your slideshow. So making some heads turn during your college seminar or business conference is quite an easy task.

How To Make Animations Repeat Until The End Of PowerPoint Presentation

Animations for PowerPoint

Creating animations for PowerPoint

What makes Microsoft PowerPoint a favorite for most of us? Because PowerPoint lets you make your presentations wonderful. Its simple-to-use features and interactive tools help you create really attractive presentations with much ease.

Animations for PowerPoint

Among its most salient features, animations play an important role in making your presentation impressive and attractive. By using animations in PowerPoint, your otherwise static presentation becomes alive and vibrant. You can have different animations that have been timed to create interesting presentations. If you want to create a dramatic feel, you can simply make the texts fly across the screen or scroll through. You can even make it grow or shrink as you want. There are different animation settings and styles for figures and texts. You can experiment with these different styles until you get the best one to suit your need. By default, the animations are set to play only once and after one complete cycle, it stops. But you can change the settings to make the animations repeat as a loop to get a continuous effect. You can adjust the speed of animations or set delays for it. Note that the animation-loop process differs from version to version in PowerPoint.

Setting animation-loop in PowerPoint 2007

  • Add the animation to your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Click on the item to select it.
  • Now go the “Animations” tab and click the option “Custom Animation”.
  • You will get a list of effects to choose from. Right-click on the effect that you want to add and select “Timing”.
  • Click on the drop-down menu which is next to the “Repeat” label and select the option “Until End of Slide”.
  • After this, clickOK” to exit.

    PowerPoint presentation

    Setting animation loop in PowerPoint

Setting animation-loop in PowerPoint 2010

  • After you have added the animation to the presentation, click on the item to select it.
  • Go to the “Animations” tab and click the button for “Show Additional Effects Options“.
  • Go to the “Timings” tab and click on the drop-down menu next to “Repeat” label. Select the option “Until End of Slide”.
  • ClickOK

Now that you have set the animation-loop, it will continue to play until the end of the presentation. These animations for PowerPoint help your presentation get a completely different appeal and create a good impression among the viewers. PowerPoint comes built-in with lot of such features. Explore more such features and options and make your PowerPoint presentation stand out from the rest.

PowerPoint Animations For Beginners

PowerPoint presentation
moving animations for PowerPoint

If PowerPoint is in itself an overwhelming thought, animations add to the excitement. When objects move adding pep to the presentation, the response you get from the audience is immense. It will grab the attention of even the least interested for that is the power of the concept, ‘moving animations for PowerPoint.’ You can add animation effect to images and objects of all types including animals. With pre-formatted animations available, you can make the animals move in your slides. Sounds interesting?

Adding animations to PowerPoint slides is easy and done at your convenience with a little knowledge or may be without it if you follow carefully the instructions given below for the benefit of beginners just like you.

Instructions to add animation movements to PowerPoint slides

  • First you much launch the PowerPoint application from suitable location on your system. Now open the PowerPoint presentation file that has the images you wish to add animations to. Click on the specific slide and the image of the animal you would love to see moving.
  • Go to the Animations tab and find out the Animation area. Click on More menu and a list of options will be populated to choose from to add movements to the animal image you just chose. Click on the motion that best suits your need. If you want the animal to bounce, then select the option, Bounce from the list.
    PowerPoint presentation
    moving animations for PowerPoint
  • You may edit the way the animal moves on the presentation slide to your requirement. This is done by selecting the animal image and clicking on the tab, Animations. Then click on Effect Options available in the Animations area. This will lead you into a new dialogue window. Now you must make two important changes; change the Start and the Timing and Duration of the animation effect by choosing suitable options available there and in the respective fields.

This will set the animal image into motion as per your choice and requirement. When I mean movements, do not expect your animal images to dance or act which is beyond the scope of the concept, moving animations for PowerPoint. But still, you can expect your animal image to show desirable movements which would other than be a boredom to watch.



Using Powerpoint Presentation On Widescreen Monitors

PowerPoint on Widescreen

The advent of widescreen monitors has changed the way users view applications on the screen. The use of widescreen displays makes a presentation easier to understand and interesting to view. Television, Computer monitors and other display devices are going high tech with better and wider displays. With this change in trend, the display files are also needed to be changed simultaneously as most of the traditional files are not suitable for the modern system.

A PowerPoint presentation is made interesting with its unique combination of content and animation. A widescreen display will only make it more interesting. However, not all files work on a widescreen monitor and users need to adjust the presentation for use on such monitors.

Some MS PowerPoint help and tips are shared below that will help you to fix issues with PowerPoint presentation on the widescreen.

  • The default help tool can be the best and reliable source of aid when it comes to such an issue. Check the help tools and look if there are options to let you sync the old files with the new monitor. Examples of such tools are Wondershare PPT2Flash

    PowerPoint File for Wide Screen

    Professional and Pointecast Publisher.

  • Use the Wondershare program and go to the toolbar. Select PPT2Flash by clicking on its icon and click on Cascade from the options. Select Player Templates and check the left side of the screen to see the panel.
  • The next step is to personalize the grey panel along with the logo with the latest information. This action will handle the issues related to the widescreen monitor.
  • Setting the file to make it compatible with the monitor is the most important step to be taken care of. Open the PowerPoint and go to the tab marked as Design by clicking on it. Go to the Page Setup and from the options available in the drop down menu, select Slides. Two options will be available that reads On-screen Show (16:9) and On-screen Show (16:10) to choose.

Another very important step to be taken care of while selecting the sizes of slides is to preview it so that corrections can be undertaken to minimize the issues later on. Know the screen size for presentation as the images and text will not conform if presented in different screen size.

If the tips shared under MS PowerPoint help is not sufficient, you can approach customer service executives for further help. Update your application for the latest patches from Microsoft.


Adding Animations To Your Powerpoint Presentation

Animations for Powerpoint

Choosing animations from the animation Tab

Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful tool in the Microsoft Office Suite which helps you create Presentations in your office or at any public gathering. A Powerpoint presentation will help you draw the attention of the gathering to the key points that you wish to convey, and would make the whole session a bit more lively.

Creating animations for Powerpoint presentations can make it even more interesting and would add a certain level of dynamism to it. So, if you are unsure about how to add these animations to your presentation, here are the steps to help you out.

Steps to add Animations for Powerpoint presentations

  • Launch Microsoft Powerpoint and create the presentation and then click on the object in the presentation which you need to add the animations to.
  • Animations are possible for all objects in the presentation, except the background. Once you have chosen the object, click on the “Animations” tab at the top of the window from among the various other options provided.
  • The animations tab will open up along with a number of default animations. Choose the one among them that you feel suits the object well. If you want animations other than this, click on the “More” tab which will display various other animations than the ones displayed first.
  • You can add animations to any number of objects in the presentation, by clicking on the animations tab present at the top of the window.

    Powerpoint presentation

    altering the order and timing of animations

  • Once you finish choosing the animations , you can click on the “Play” button in the animations tab, in order to see the preview of the animation you chose.
  • You can rearrange the order of the animations by clicking on the “Re –order “button in the animations tab and, arrange the animations according to the order of your choice. Remember that the animation at the top of the list will appear first and the animation at the bottom of the list will be the last to appear. So arrange the animation in the order of preference.
  • Change the duration for which the animation would last, by changing the value in the duration text box provided. Changing the value in the delay text box would alter the time before the selected object begins its animation.
  • You can also choose when the animation is to appear by choosing one among the “On click”,”After previous” or “With previous” options from the drop down menu of the timing window.

These are the steps to add animations to your Powerpoint presentation. So use it to make your Powerpoint more attractive and enjoyable.


Play Songs On Your PowerPoint Presentation

MS PowerPoint help

Include songs in PowerPoint

Last day, I attended a seminar taken by a friend of mine. He was using a PowerPoint presentation to deliver his speech, and to make it more interesting he has also included songs in the slides. It did the trick for him as he was able to catch the attention of his audience, which is ultimately what makes the seminar a successful one. Do you want to include songs in your MS PowerPoint slides? Then kindly read on the following paragraphs.

By including a song in your MS PowerPoint presentation slides you can provide a better experience to the listeners. It makes your presentation more meaningful and interesting. It’s possible to include songs on your presentation slides in two ways. If you are including a song file of low size i.e. under 100Kb, then the MS PowerPoint will automatically include this file in your slides. But if you are including a song file of higher size, then the PowerPoint will link this file to the slides. Given below are a few tips devised by the MS PowerPoint Help team for including a song in the presentation slides.


  • First of all copy the song file to the place where you have saved your presentation. To do this, locate the required file and right click on it. After which click the option “Copy.” Then navigate to the folder where you have saved the presentation, then right click there and click the option “Paste” in order to paste the selected song file to the folder.
  • Next is selecting the slide where you want to add the song. For this from the tab “Main Menu” select “Insert” option after which click “Sound”, and “Sound from file”. After that, go to the folder that has your song and presentation and double click on the audio file. As a result the song will be inserted to that particular slide.
  • Choose when you want to play the song. A message will be displayed on the screen prompting you to click either “Automatically” or “whenclicked.”
  • Next is setting up the song in such a way that it plays through your entire presentation. For this navigate to the main menu and select the
    PowerPoint presentation

    Play songs in slides

    option “Sound tools.” After that click the “Options” and then “Sound options.” then you can see a drop down list of “Play Sound,” click the selection called “Play across Slides.”

  • Once completing this, click the “Save” button to save your current work to the presentation.

These tips from the MS PowerPoint help team will be a great help for you if you want to include a song in the presentation slides. Thank you!