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How To Troubleshoot Targus Wireless Presenter

PowerPoint Troubleshooting

PowerPoint Troubleshooting Tips

Targus Wireless Presenter is a combination of mouse and laser pointers to be used during a presentation. People mainly make use of these devices when working on a PowerPoint presentation for changing slides. Even though the presenter provides easy locomotion, there is a constraint, it does not work if the mouse or pointing device is over 50 feet away from the receiver. Here we discuss some simple tips for troubleshooting the presenter so that you can show your presentation without any issues.


  • One of the main reasons for the malfunctioning of the Targus Wireless Presenter is a dead or low charge battery. So the first thing that you must do before PowerPoint troubleshooting is to check if the batteries are good or not. Usually the issue will be fixed when you replace the AAA battery with a new one.
  • Another reason that gives rise to issues with the wireless presenter is due to interference from other channels. Changing the channel that you use would be the best option to fix the issue. For changing the channel, press the connection button on the presenter within ten seconds of pressing the connection button on the receiver.
  • If the distance with the receiver is more than fifty feet, you will have to reduce it, as the presenter does not work over 50 feet. Move closer to the receiver to see if the issue was the distance.

    Troubleshooting The Presenter

    Troubleshooting Wireless Presenter

  • PowerPoint troubleshooting tips posted in the Windows help website advice that it will be better if you switch off all the other wireless devices in the vicinity and the signal might interfere with the signal of Wireless Presenter, making it perform faulty.
  • Since there is a chance of interference from the PC to the receiver, only connect the receiver to the PC using a USB cable. Also, make sure that there is some distance between the PC and the receiver.
  • If all the troubleshooting tips provided above fail, try reinstalling the software that came with the presenter. The reason for the malfunctioning of the presenter might be due to software issues and so reinstalling the device software might fix the issue. It is also advised to install latest drivers for the device if the problem persists.

If you follow the simple tips given above, you will be able to troubleshoot issues with Targus Wireless Presenter.