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You would be familiar with chat programs and using the instant messenger programs, you could connect with our dear ones within seconds. However, have you heard about the Live meetings conducted by corporate giants? Well Microsoft Office Live meeting is actually a software that is meant for conducting web conferences. The same should be installed on the computer of the client and they will help to pass on the messages to anyone on the internet. This facility is even more helpful for communication over long distances and this could reduce the cost and time to a great extent as you could pass on your messages online.

Conducting a meeting at your office with your client is found to be easy using the Windows Office Live Meeting. This software is revolutionary one because it avoids the hassles of company officials travelling long distances inorder to pass on their messages to the clients. They could render their ideas over Windows Office Live meeting and following are the ten advantages found in them.


  • It helps in effective communication. Instead of travelling for transferring their message in a meeting, they would help people to communicate over the internet.
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting offers synergetic features and they include two-way VoIP audio, file share functionality and different presentations online.
  • The major benefit of Microsoft Office Live is its ability to work along with all operating system platforms like Windows, Linux, Macintosh, UNIX and Solaris.
  • Meetings could be conducted by a small, medium or large groups at their favorable locations and they could conduct it at any time of the day.

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  • Since information and suggestions are passed from both ends, this would save time that they normally spend in coordinating their work schedule.
  • Avoid the need of travel to conduct meetings or official conferences and thus money and time is saved to a great extent.
  • Conducting a live meeting enables you to see people in real and thus it would help to conduct work discussions effectively and reports and sales trends can be discussed in the meeting.
  • If the client requires an update, it could be done through a live meeting and even training programs can be conducted from any part of the world.
  • The meeting content can be recorded and downloaded if required and this will help to review the meeting at a later point of time.

Such sessions become more interactive in a Live meeting and all could take part in it from any location.

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