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Microsoft To End Windows XP Support

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Microsoft Windows XP

Windows XP was released back in the year 2001 and was undisputedly known as one of Microsoft’s best OS of all time. Even now, 31% of system users run on the old OS and that itself shows the worldwide acceptance of Microsoft Windows XP. Recently, Microsoft announced that they are going to withdraw Windows support for XP with effect from April 08, 2014. The aspects mentioned below will give you a detailed picture regarding the situation.

Microsoft to withdraw Windows support

Now, since we know about the decision made by Microsoft, the next immediate question is what does it mean to system users? Well, it simply means that it is high time to take necessary action by upgrading the operating system. If this is not done on time, existing users of Windows XP will have to face consequences of not going for a timely OS update. Without having proper Windows support, Windows XP users will be vulnerable to bugs and malwares.

Microsoft will no longer provide latest security updates, hot fixes, paid or unpaid support facilities and online assistance after April 08, 2014. There are a few potential risk factors out there if you still prefer to run your system on Windows XP after the end of the support date. They are as follows.

Security and compliance risk

Unsupported environments or environments without a patch are always highly exposed to security risks. This can consequently result in a system control failure that cannot be officially identified either by an internal audit body or by an external audit body. This can further lead to suspension of authorized company certifications. To make matters worse, it can even result in public notifications regarding the company’s inefficiency to maintain proper system and customer information.

Absence of a Independent software vendor

Support facilities

Optimal Windows support

According to a latest industry report by Gartner, most of the independent software venders (ISVs) are not likely to provide support for fresh versions of Windows XP applications.

Now the best way to avoid such a threat is to upgrade your computers or web enabled devices to an operating system that has optimal Windows support provided by Microsoft. By doing so, you would not have to worry about Microsoft’s decision to withdraw support. You can also rest assured that no bugs or malwares would sneak into your privacy to exploit your secured data. A timely OS update will make you more confident since security and overall productivity will be improved considerably.

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