Three Ways To Speed Up Your Windows XP Computer

Windows XP Speed Up

Speed Up Windows XP

Windows XP is the most successful operating system of Microsoft and it is still being used in many organizations, companies and businesses. With time, the Windows XP computer can become slow due to various reasons and it will be very frustrating to work in a slow Windows XP computer. However, this can be solved very easily if you follow the below given Windows XP speed up tips.

It is possible to increase the speed of your Windows XP computer in three different ways. They are,

  • Defragment
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Hard Disc Space

You can choose any one of these methods to solve a slow down issue. Now, let’s look on to these things in detail.


One of the operations that you need to do regularly in any computer or laptop is Defragmentation. Defragmenting your computer will help to streamline the files that exist in your computer’s hard disk and the data will be stored in the form of blocks. When you delete a file from your hard disk, it will possibly leave an empty block. Therefore, performing defragmentation will help to increase the performance of your system by cleaning up the storage space.

You can defragment your computer by navigating to the Control Panel and clicking the option labeled Disk Defragment. Thus, this is the best option that you can consider to speed up your XP or any versions of Windows computers.

Registry Cleaner

The Windows Registry is the important part that stores all your data regarding the hardware and software. As time passes, your Windows registry can become full and will contain a lot of files that are unwanted. Moreover, viruses and malwares attacking your system will also hide in the Windows Registry making your registry overloaded.

Microsoft Tech Support

Instructions To Speed Up XP

Such an overloaded registry will make your system work slow and sluggish. Therefore, to avoid such problems, you need to run software named Registry Cleaner, which will help you to remove the unwanted files from the Windows registry.

Hard Disk space

Hard disk space is another reason for your Windows XP computer to become slow. An over loaded hard disk will definitely affect the functioning of the system and therefore, it is always better to delete unwanted files from your hard disk so that enough space will be available for the system to work fine.

These Windows XP speed up tips will help your Windows XP computer to run effectively and without any slow down issues. For more assistance regarding Windows XP speed up tips, contact our Microsoft tech support team.

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